Education and Citizenship

The aim has been, to develop a system of Community Based Management (CBM), held together by enabled volunteers from the community. The purpose is to initiate and support change-making processes contributing to: Greater understanding of challenges faced by the community, ownership and responsibility towards community resources, collaboration with civil society and government institutions to ensure access to basic amenities and opportunities. 

The idea is that the critical mass working closely with all the government bodies (ICDS workers, community health workers, teachers, police officials, and so on) relevant for the community will run the CBM effectively.  In order to achieve this, it is imperative to invest in young and adult leaders from within the existing clusters so that they can effectively steer change, deepen sustainable community development in partnership with local governance institutions. The key programme elements are:

  • Youth development and mentoring through curricula based interventions, counselling and facilitating exchange opportunities
  • Equipping community volunteers as anchors of the CBM Model
  • Community Resource and Advisory Centre (CRAC)