Gender and Livelihood


With the Deonar Dumping Ground generating livelihoods for many in Shivaji Nagar, the community seems to have reached complacency without questioning the indignity and health hazards associated with waste related livelihood options. Combined with this, the cultural constraints upon women to stay away from income generation activities have imposed further limitations, pushing the burden on male members of every age. 

The Livelihood programme equips young boys and girls, men and women to aspire towards informed and sustainable livelihood decisions. The years gone by have seen a broad spectrum of adolescents, adults and more specifically, girls and women participating in this journey. The programme has worked assiduously on ensuring diversification of livelihood opportunities in the community by emphasising:

  • Informed decisions to choose sustainable livelihood
  • Identifying potential and turning the same into economic productivity
  • Working on sustaining healthy financial management habits

The key interventions making the above possible have been:

Swawlamban, a sewing class enrolling and training women to earn an income. Many of them, are now, manufacturing bags that are being sourced by the donor of the programme. These bags are being shipped all the way to other parts of India, Dubai and Europe!

Financial Literacy training helping inculcate among participants, a habit of budgeting expense and saving for a future goal.

Self Help Groups (SHGs) have seen women in the area come together in small groups of 10 to 12 and pool their meagre resources which are then deposited in a Bank.

Employability Training with Youth to equip young people to develop life skills essential for interacting effectively in a professional setting and retaining professions.