Health and Disability

4,200 (0-6 years old) children who are at the centre of Apnalaya’s Health Programme that has emerged as a vital mother and child health initiative with an inclusive platform for people with disabilities. With Apnalaya’s programmes resting on a CBM model, a new auxiliary project viz. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) has been amalgamated into this programme.


- 5145 pregnant women and lactating mothers registered with mobile based mMitra intervention

- 35 children (13 referred and 22 reported cases have been enrolled in schools and colleges which include Rochiram (hearing impaired), Sulbha (for intellectual impairment cases), Jai Vakeel, Kurla Blind School, Ideal College, Kamla Mehta Residential Blind School for girls

Our Health and Disability related interventions emphasise building capacities of community members to ultimately improve health seeking behaviour and access healthcare instituted by government agencies. Towards this end, there are various groups across ages that advocate: Mother and Child Care, Community based Disability care, and Disaster Risk Reduction.