Current Jobs

1. Deputy Program Manager - Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Nutrition (MNHCN)

Overall Purpose: To ensure that programmes run smoothly at the field level.

Key Tasks/Responsibilities:

  1. Plan, organize, coordinate and monitor activities in the field including need assessment, community mobilization and organization, day to day services, documentation and data collection, special programmes and rights based work
  2. Report on progress of activities to the Project Manager in written and verbal form on a monthly basis as well as to donors as required
  3. Community/local level networking and advocacy
  4. Motivate and guide team members and bring their training needs to the attention of the Project Manager
  5. Handle administrative responsibilities (specific details to be provided by the Finance & HR Head) in a timely and efficient manner and bring issues and delays to the immediate attention of the finance/HR team
  6. Liaise with and support other Deputy Project Manager to ensure that Apnalaya’s community interactions take place in a coordinated manner
  7. Manage relationships with stakeholders especially community members, CBOs
  8. Report to the Project Manager on a daily basis (Verbal & Written)
  9. Perform the duties and functions as may be decided by the organization from time to time
  10. Monitor & Support to MIS Office & Check the progress of project on quarterly and yearly basis

Line of Communication:

  • The Deputy Project Manager will report to his/her respective Project Manager.
  • The Deputy Project Manager will be responsible for a team of field officers and field assistants as well as all support staff required for the programme.

Work Environment:

  • The Deputy Project Manager will be expected to report on a daily basis to the field office assigned to his/her respective programme.

Work Place:

  • Padma Nagar - Govandi


Job Purpose: To maintain and enhance the human resource mission and objectives, through strategic planning, and evaluating employee relations, human resources policies, practices and procedures.

Policies and Compliance Responsibilities:

  • Create and monitor a human resources system that complies with top organizational objectives.
  • Create comprehensive human resources policies and procedures that comply with federal and state laws. Update as necessary.
  • Identify legal requirements and government reporting regulations that affect human resource function. Ensure organization is in compliance with legal requirements.
  • Update policies and procedures, and education managers regarding compliance accordingly.

Operational Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for recruitment and retention of staff.
  • Orientation of new staff members, and training.
  • Responsible for pre-screening, background investigation of new staff members.
  • Work with Program Head to identify staffing needs, and identify hiring potentials based on budget.
  • Responsible for human resources budget, including establishing annual human resources budget and identifying budgetary needs and reporting to CEO,
  • Employee relations, counseling and disciplining employees. Terminations, providing exit interviews.

Staff Welfare:

  • Schedule and conduct annual job evaluations. Recommend and plan pay structure revisions based on findings.
  • Plan, monitor and implement employee performance appraisal on set schedule. Train managers on appraisal system, and coach employees accordingly.
  • Resolve grievances regarding employee appraisals; provide counseling to employees and supervisors as needed and appropriate.
  • Provide guidance and support on Medi claim, Gratuity and leave rule to employees on regular basis


  1. Post Graduate and MBA in Human Resource Management
  2. A minimum of 1 or 2 years of experience in the sector
  3. Good writing skill in English; flair to speak and write in Hindi
  4. Basic computer skills (Word, Excel, PPT)

3. Programme Manager: Education and Citizenship

Job Description: Apnalaya is looking for a Program Manager. If you are passionate about making a difference in the lives of the most under-served people, this job could be for you. You will work with mostly young people, enable adults as well, use the framework of constitutional entitlements and collectively seek to improve the basic amenities for a life in dignity.

Apnalaya aims to break intergenerational marginalization by inviting people to participate in their development. Our Citizenship program, a structured, curriculum-based intervention, stands on four essential pillars of Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Critical Thinking and Collective Action, in order to create active citizenry among youth and adults. The program has already demonstrated success in creating empowered citizens (Adolescents, youth and adults) in M East ward, the most under-served ward of Mumbai.

Today, we are at the cusp of taking this program to other organizations.

To roll out and manage the program, the responsibilities of the position holder will include the following:

  • Help Programme Head in overall management of the Education and Citizenship program
  • Be the idea lead with regard to citizenship, human rights, gender, with special focus on violence against women
  • Manage Budget and program data
  • Plan, design, and facilitate training programs and workshops
  • Develop creative, engaging training tools
  • Prepare periodic reports and participate in measurement and evaluation of the program
  • Manage partnerships and stakeholders
  • Manage and anchor a team of Deputy Program Managers, Field Officers and Field Assistants
  • Support Programme Head in increasing visibility of the programme
  • Be an anchor and guide for the staff reporting to you
  • Collaborate with other verticals and participate in organizational work, as and when required

Educational Qualification:

Preferably a Masters in Social Work, Social Sciences or Development Studies

Any expertise or special training in Gender Studies, Human Rights, Political Science/Civics, the Indian Constitution, or, Urban Governance will be an advantage

Experience and required skill-sets:

  • Should have at least 5 years of work experience, with possibly two years in a similar role
  • An experience in working with women and youth with the lens of Gender, Human Rights and Women Empowerment is desirable
  • Good report writing skills in English and Hindi
  • Working knowledge of Marathi will be an advantage

Salary will be based on experience and industry standards.

The role holder shall report to the Programme Head, Education and Citizenship.

We intend to fill up this position in the next 30 days.

Kindly send in your application to