Better Health Seeking Behaviour, Improved Access to Food, Improved Health of Children

  • The year witnessed a 2% reduction in cases of malnutrition among children up to 6 years of age
  • 575 underweight children managed to regain normal weight and 1,792 have been able to maintain their normal weight

Mother Care and Child Care covered a population of 2,80,000 inhabiting 29 clusters

More than 3,200 pregnant women and new mothers have had access to relevant information on maternal and child health care through Voice call messages on their cell phones. 

She’s shy and reserved, but 16 year old Rizwana has a lot to offer to the Bal Panchayat with her behind-the-scenes work. The youngest member of this group, uses her thirst for knowledge and numbers for fact finding, before she suggests action on any iss

Main paani ke mudde pe kaam karti hoon,’ she starts, holding evidence of her hard work in her hands. No one knew what went into getting a legal water connection in our community, especially the expen

Access by Women of Family Planning Measures

Tasleem Khan, one of our Field Assistants recently spoke on ‘access by women of family planning measures’ in India, at the Global Health Strategies conference. She narrated the experience of wife having control over her use of contraception