Working Together

Our work is fueled by a range of Indian and International donors who invest in our work to empower the urban poor of India. It's a big task and, by working together, we can make a bigger impact. We applaud our donors for their ongoing support and the trust they have placed in us.

Our Current Partners

Our Current Partners


Since 2014, Armman has helped us to spread geographically through voice call messaging services via their mMitra project on mother care during the antenatal period.

Australian Consulate, Mumbai

Ppnalaya was founded by Australian Consul General, Tom Holland, and the Australian Consulate has been a prominent supporter for many years. Via their Direct Aid Program they have helped with sports based project activities and women empowerment through livelihood initiatives.

Child Action, UK

Child Action, UK, helped Apnalaya set up the disability programme and are now supporting the School Saheli project with adolescents.

Epic Foundation, US

Since 2015, Epic Foundation has been one of the few organisations who supports the organisation with unrestricted funding to support programme shortfalls and operating costs.

Give India

Apnalaya is a Give India assured NGO. Give India generates funding to support multiple projects at Apnalaya including health clinics, disability and sponsorships.

HT Parekh Foundation

HT Parekh Foundation is supporting our education, empowerment and employability programme for adolescents.

University of Oxford

Since 2017, the University of Oxford has been helping Apnalaya undertake a pneumonia study for 0-5 years children.

Save the Children

Save the Children has supported Apnalaya extensively on mother and child care programme in the 12 clusters of Shivaji Nagar.

Swiss Air Staff Foundation

For almost 20 years, Swiss Air Staff Foundation has supported Apnalaya. They support the education of children and adolescents.


Apnalaya has partnered with UNICEF for the U-Reports project to spread awareness about stigma and discrimination due to Covid-19.

Looking To Partner?

Empowering the urban poor requires a sustained and strategic approach. As our cities grow, and the number of urban poor grows along with them, now more than ever, we need to collaborate to address this complex, pressing problem.

There is a role for everyone to play – individuals, corporates, non-profits, governments. But we must work together to solve the puzzle of urban poverty and empower the urban poor. We urge you to join the fight.

Support an Individual

  • Nutritional support for a child 0-6 years
  • Secondary education scholarship for an adolescent
  • Higher educational support for youth
  • Sports for adolescent girls.
  • Healthcare for a high risk pregnant women
  • Day care & educational support for a child with disability
  • Therapy, medical care & assistive devices for a person with disability
  • Train a youth in citizenship & local governance
  • Train a youth in life skills

Support a Community

  • Help households access basic amenities such as hygiene, sanitation & electricity
  • Empower mothers by supporting a Community Childcare Centre
  • Help households obtain drinking water connections
  • Provide assistance to pregnant women via Mother Support Groups

Support a Project

  • E3 – Education, Empowerment and Employability of Youth
  • Disability – support children and adults with disabilities to access the services and civic entitlements they need.
  • Health Clinic – Help provide a health clinic for residents in Shivaji Nagar.
  • Malnutrition – reducing malnutrition via health services and nutrition education.
  • Sports for Girls – Empower girls with Kabaddi coaching and mentoring.
  • Citizenship & Advocacy–train community leaders to form Civic Action Groups.
  • Women’s Livelihoods – helping women become entrepreneurs.

Partner Testimonials

Partner Testimonials

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Downlaod the Report

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